Thursday, 21 April 2011


R and I have lived in our apartment for over a year now, and we still haven't really decorated the bedroom--sigh, how bad are we?

The major point of focus, the bed, is our primary concern at this point. Currently, it's laden with a sloppy grey comforter, which we love, but is starting to look a little 'unkept'.

So, I'm on the hunt for the perfect bedding. I think one's bed should be the most comfortable place in the home--it is, after all, where I try to spend at least seven hours of every day. Whether that means purchasing a high-quality duvet or the pretty things to go with it (I'm a big fan of decorative pillows), I believe that the bedroom is not a room that should be neglected.

Over the next month, I will venture the city for my most desired bedding, realizing--or re-realizing--the decorating potential of our sleepy time haven.

In the meantime, here are a few bedrooms that are currently inspring me:

Stripes are my first choice, especially these grey ones from

We tried crisp whites--my inky pen ruined them when I
fell asleep writing in bed. On a positive note, our bed
must be really comfy!

We like lots of pillows.

Never would I make R sleep in a pretty bed like this--but
wouldn't it be cute for a young lady (me/you) or even a
guest room?

images via design*sponge


  1. I can't believe you wrote about your bedroom and didn't mention the giant Frank Sinatra portrait.