Friday, 22 April 2011


Despite it being Easter weekend, I'll be dedicating the majority of my time to research (or so that's the plan). While I just submitted a research paper today, I have yet another to research and write before I can officially celebrate the end of term. The topic? Domesticity and gender representation in Mr. Clean ads from the '60s versus today. The timeline? One week. Ugh.

Mr. Clean--retro styles.

On the bright side, I'll be spending part of the weekend with R's family, which is always a lot of fun! Every year for Easter, we have a great big dinner by R's dad (who is an amazing cook), I often bring some sort of dessert (ahem, cupcakes), and there's usually some inappropriate family talk at the table. Oh, but that's the best part!

Happy Easter from Tomfoolery and Bright! xx
What do you have planned for the holiday weekend?

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