Thursday, 26 May 2011


I'm getting me one of these. These as in the oh-so-famous chalkboard walls. Some people may think they're overdone (and they are appearing and reappearing everywhere), but I think they're pretty awesome.

Since R and I are only renting our apartment, there's not much we can do to the place since (1) it's not in our lease, we'd have to get permission and (2) do we really want to put that much money into a place that we're only renting? That said, R re-tiled the kitchen floor back in December, so it looks like we've already stepped on some toes...ahem, so what's a little paint, right? A little black paint?

We've already re-painted the base boards, trim, doors, and fireplace a clean white--just to freshen things up (particularly in the bathroom, which was looking a little dreary and is now bright white and beautiful--pics to come shortly). But now it's time for a little kitchen make-over.

I'm seeing a fresh coat of white on the French cabinetry, maybe some new hardware--draw pulls, handles--and of course, I'm really itching to put in a chalkboard wall.

As a galley kitchen, the far wall of the kitchen would be the perfect place for a chalkboard wall. To justify my blackboard wall further, it is just one wall, and what's to say that it can't be painted over white when we decide to move out. Shouldn't we love the place we're in now? Despite only renting our apartment, should R and I go ahead and decorate how we want?

So much to ponder, yet so little time (before I whip out the brushes and get to it).

What are your thoughts on chalkboard walls?

images via design sponge


  1. I want one too! I went out for lunch (ah, the cheat meal) a couple weeks ago and fell in love with the chalkboard wall at Hello Toast. I actually thought it would be a wicked idea in a kid's room (don't worry, none on the way for me!) because then they could draw on the wall without parents raging on them. Sweet freakin deal.

  2. I love chalkboard walls! I want one in my future office - if I ever actually get to have one.

  3. Both great suggestions, ladies!

    Allison Pryce at Lost in Decoration ( has some more unique ways to use chalkboard paint, from drawing walls and cabinetry to doors and refrigerators. Take a look!