Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Do you ever wonder how celebrities get their super tight bodies? How they stay slim with their crazy busy schedules? How they manage to keep off extra weight during the colder seasons? Well, here's how!

(I was amused).

But really, how about some inspiration from those celebs that really do work hard to get their rockin' hot bods:

Noted for maintaining her lady-like curves while still building muscle,
Jessica Biel does double duty with exercises that work multiple muscle groups.

Fergie blasts fat with loads of cardio (and all that

In addition to golfing and surfing, Cameron Diaz stays trim by training
with her beau, Yankees star, Alex Rodriguez.

Eva Longoria keeps her petite frame tight with the help
of a personal trainer, eating healthy, and tons of water!

Model and actress, Minka Kelly, works hard to keep her 5'5" frame
in tip-top shape, but even she can't go without sweet treats
(her fave is peach cobbler).


On another note, check out the sidebar for a link to my tri-training fitness log. Plus, keep an eye out for training-specific tips and advice.

images and video via youtube and google

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