Tuesday, 24 May 2011


 Day 1 of my tri-training was yesterday. Success? Yes. Perhaps.

I started my training with a short 30-minute run. I haven't ran in a while, so I felt a little 'bottom heavy' (know what I mean?). By my last leg, though, I was feeling great. The sun was shining, it was warm out--gorgeous weather for a run.

And then BAM. Before I know it, I'm skidding across the pavement outside a neighbourhood restaurant, giving diners a show.

It was the first time that's ever happened to me--the first time I ever collided with a sidewalk at that speed, that intensity (I wasn't going that fast, but it was fast enough). Ugh.

So, what happened? My laces. They're really long and so when I tie them, there's always huge loops. I was running, zooming along...right, left, right, left, right through the left's loop and whammy. Surprisingly, my hands were scratch-free. My left thigh on the other hand, a little banged up--but I'll live.

Once I re-tied my shoes and brushed myself off, I turned around to a table of eight shooting glances towards me in suprise/shock/concern. It was an open-window concept at this particular restaurant, so I shared a few laughs with the table, thanked them for their concern, and wished them a happy holiday Monday. Then I was off again!

Today is day 2 of my training and I will be heading to the gym for a much-needed boxing and conditioning class.

Each day, I will be posting my workout to the right under 'tri training'. Of course,  I will be altering the training plan from Women's Health, so for the official plan, see here. Also, I hope to add a page to the site specifically for this 12-week challenge, so that I can share my progress with you (and hopefully yours with me) as often as I like, without taking up an entire post each week. Stay tuned!

images via think fit, fighting for fit, and google 


  1. If there is one thing you should have learned from cheerleading, it's to tuck your laces in. Rookie.

  2. Ange, you're right. Sadly, my runners don't have the pocket on the tongue to tuck my laces into.

    Looks like I have to create a better running shoe.