Thursday, 2 June 2011


Dreaming of...a new office space? R and I's apartment isn't really large enough for an office (sigh). I've tried turning half of my dresser into a desk, but it's just not the same--it's not comfortable, and to try and do my work there all day is, well...annoying.

Now, there's always the dining table--in fact, it makes a great desk (I love having tons of space to spread out all of my papers). However, because it is a dining table, I like to keep it clear for meal time.


Well, there's always our next home. In the meantime, here are some office spaces I'm currently drooling over.

Love the large work surface. Even more, the
uniform box organization.

What I consider to be a perfectly styled desk: great
size work surface, a lamp, jar of writing utensils...
oh, and an inspiration board, of course.
A fantastic option for smaller spaces!

So much is right about this: the white, the yellow
chair, the lamps, the decor, love love love.

images via crush cul-de-sac, martha stewart, and the late afternoon

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