Monday, 8 August 2011


Clare Vivier, move on over. Actually, don't. Stay a while longer, I still really like you. But get a load of these!

One of my summer must-have items is/was an oversized leather clutch, preferably in a bright hue like the ones by Clare Vivier. Though, I kept putting off purchasing this 'It' item, claiming that I would eventually just make my own. Then I couldn't find the leather I was looking for--okay okay, maybe I wasn't looking that hard. After all, Fabricland isn't exactly known for its trendy and chic textiles.

Alas, I've been hunting the web for other options ever since. That's when I came across k.slademade by Kelsea Slade, just a gal looking to make the world a better place one handmade tote/clutch/piece of jewelry at a time! I'm absolutely in love with her oversized clutches, and look at that, they're half the price of those at Clare Vivier!

Another find? Check out American Apparel for their collection of leather clutches in pop colours.

images via k.slademade

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