Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Top 5 (+1) Reasons I know I'm busy:

1. It's Wednesdsay and I'm only writing my first post of the week.
2. Yesterday's afternoon snack consisted of this and this.
3. I'm not even thinking about Friday, I'm just trying to get through today.
4. My brain hurts (in a good way?).
5. I had to cancel my driving lesson--total garbage.
6. I have officially left 'laundry day' unacknowledged this week 
   (It's Monday, if you were wondering).

I promise I'll be back with something more exciting later in the week. From auditions to meeting with profs to classes to readings to research to being on-set and back to more auditions, my schedule is quickly (but gladly) filling up with classes, appointments, lessons, social events, you name it.

Time is flying--it's nearly October! Which for me, is already rammed with brunch, coffee, and dinner dates, projects and assignments due, a (quick) trip away and wham! It'll be November before we know it.

Sigh. No wonder my brain hurts.

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