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BabyCakes, the Book of Recipes: It's Here! from BabyCakes NYC on Vimeo.

Was I this ecstatic with the BabyCakes baking book as this gal is?

Is that a question?

This gal is Erin McKenna, the chef/owner of BabyCakes NYC, and this video is to honour the publication of her first-ever cookbook. Now, the book was actually released in 2009, but I'm just getting my hands on a copy now and I couldn't be more excited (since then, Erin's actually put out a second cookbook)! Ever since I ate my first BabyCakes cupcake just over a year ago, I have been dying to know just how Erin was able to make something so delicious, but that was gluten- and/or refined-sugar-free and/or vegan. And now I've got a book with all her little secrets! Amazing!


Me, outside of BabyCakes NYC.
A little bit about BabyCakes: I first learned about the company through the blog website, Cupcakes Take the Cake (that was several years ago now, when I became obsessed with cupcakes). I remember being really intrigued by BabyCakes for the very fact that they were made using gluten-free flours, unrefined sugars, and no dairy. I have a couple of food sensitivities myself, but I think the number of people in general who are stumbling across dietary restrictions is becoming more prevalant as time progresses (I could talk in length about how the Western diet has shaped our food sensitivities/allergies today, but I'll refrain...promise).

When you travel to New York, everyone's going to tell you to check out Magnolia Bakery--you know, that bakery made famous by Sex and the City? Well, to be honest, I've been to New York a few times now and I still haven't been to Magnolia. For me, it might never be a real option--because of the food sensitivities, etc.--a treat from Magnolia would probably lead to a day of upsets for me (and maybe you). When I say 'upsets', I mean inflammatory joint pain. Yeah, not fun. I'm totally falling apart.

So, for all those who can't eat wheat, who need/want to avoid refined sugars and try and healthier option, and who may have an intolerance to dairy, you can have your cupcake and eat it, too. This is not to say that I'll never give Magnolia Bakery a whirl. I'd still love to check the place out and take a bite of a cupcake--although, I hear their banana pudding is to die for. But why worry any longer? If you're in the area, stop in at BabyCakes and indulge (guilt-free) in one of Erin's delicious creations. In addition to cupcakes, she has doughnuts and cookie sandwiches, tea cakes and scones. Just be prepared to wait a few minutes--the place is famous for having a line out the door (but in the end, it'll be well worth the wait!).

Now, off to bake! First up? Erin's first BabyCake, the vanilla cupcake.

images and video via babycakes and vimeo

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