Monday, 7 November 2011


In my books, when working out--whatever that may entail--not only is it important that you wear comfortable clothes, but it's important that what you're wearing makes you feel good.

There are lots of clothes that are comfortable, but do you really want to work out in a shirt that you wore when you were 20 lbs. heavier? Or your hubby's old sleepshirt that's near see-through because it's been through the wash so many times? C'mon. Wearing clothes that make you look and feel good doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune. While I'll admit that I do enjoy Lululemon Athletica for their luon bottoms, I'm not a big fan of their tops and prefer to find mine elsewhere. So, do as I do and mix and match where you get your goods from. Regardless, find what works for you (and I can assure you, it's not in those hole-y socks you've been wearing).

Here are some of my essentials (and favourites) for hitting the gym:

1. a good sports bra can go a long way. If you're going to splurge on anything for your workout attire, this should be it--I like Lululemon Athletica's Free to Be Bra, $42

2. some lightweight tank tops that allow your body to breathe or that are so lightweight, the material doesn't matter so much--like these from American Apparel, a pack of 3 Tri-Blend Racerback Tanks is only $48

3. comfortable (hip-hugging, butt-shaping) bottoms, such as the Wunder Under Crop from Lululemon, $78

4. a reliable headband (or two) can help to keep stray hairs in place while you're sweating up a storm--I like Goody's StayPut Headbands, which can be found at any drugstore for around $5

5. a good pair of running shoes is important for (most) any workout, but depending on what you're doing--running, plyometics training, dancing--what you're looking for in a shoe is going to vary. If you're not sure what kind of shoe to get, make sure to consult someone who does know--I like these: my Nike Frees are good for running, for boxing class, and conditioning/toning classes (I love how lightweight and flexible they are!).

6. finally, a good ol' waterbottle, preferably one that is BPA-free, but anything will really do! I've had this bottle for over four years now (cost about $20) and it's still loyal to me!

Other outlets for workout essentials that won't break the bank? Try Joe Fresh. Their line of active wear is small, but it's got everything you could ever need, from bottoms and tank tops to longsleeve shirts and warm-up jackets--and all for really great prices! I recently purchased some tees and sweatpant crops from there and I absolutely love them.

Depending on what your fitness goals are and therefore your needs in terms of workout gear/apparel, what works and what doesn't is going to vary. Figure out what you can afford and what of the things you need can be more costly than others (ahem, good sports bra). And most importantly, find what best suits you--what's comfortable and what makes you feel fantastic!

Now get up and get moving!

images via lululemon, pinterest, american apparel, and google

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