Friday, 9 March 2012


This is what I call taking a brand to the next level. Sprinkles Cupcakes opened as the world's first cupcake bakery over seven years ago, and now look how far it's come! 

If you like cupcakes, convenience, and maybe technology (but even if you don't), you'll probably be as impressed as I was to see that Sprinkles has created their very own 24-hour cupcake ATM. Oh, baby.

Behind brightly coloured metal panels sit 600 freshly bake cupcakes, boxed and ready to be devoured by any lucky passer-bys. The dispenser in the video above is in Beverly Hills, CA, however, the company apparently has another 3 ATM locations in New York (uhh, time to make a trip, pronto!). If that's not enough, these machines will also soon be dispensing the Sprinkles' famed cupcake mixes, mini doggie cupcakes, and Sprinkles merchandise. Well uh, obviously, right?

Before you comment, saying that this idea is totally unnecessary (okay, it kind of is), let me remind you that it's cupcakes. And if I do remember correctly, a cupcake can put a smile on an otherwise sad face. 

(Or maybe that's just something I made up).

Om nom.

image and video via google and youtube


  1. That is awesome. Great blog btw. I am your newest follower (found you through BlogUpp).

  2. Lauren, thanks for your comment (and for following). Any feedback regarding content is appreciated!