Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Long distance running may not be on my radar, but no one said anything about not participating in race events that are colour-filled or muddy!

The Color Run came up in conversation over the weekend when my sister was visiting. There's no denying this race. It's short and sweet, and would be one heck of an experience! Although it may be classified as a race, The Color Run seems less about speed and more about fun. What's more exciting than running 5km with your friends and having a colour party in the process?! Check out the The Color Run website for more information and event dates. I'd love to register for a race during the late summer or early fall--anyone want to join?!

Then there's Mud Hero. You may have heard about Tough Mudder or even the Spartan Race--Mud Hero is similar. 

Now, initially I heard about Tough Mudder and thought it sounded totally cool. I then visited the Tough Mudder website and decided that it looked a little too dangerous/life threatening/I would probably fall into a pit of fire and die (?). I am very klutzy person and prone to accidents, so the less physical risk involved for me, the better. That's why I'm determined to participate in Mud Hero. It's only 6km and 17 obstacles, as opposed to Tough Mudder's course that is three times as long and has a greater number of obstacles that are far more challenging. Okay, maybe one day I'll test my toughness at Tough Mudder, but for now I think Mud Hero would be a good fit for me. Instead of being miserable throughout the entire course (as I predict I'd be for Tough Mudder), I think that I might actually have a lot of fun participating in Mud Hero. 

The Toronto event takes place on August 25th, so that gives me plenty of time to gather a group of friends and participate as a team!

Have you ever participated in any fun athletic events like The Color Run or Mud Hero? Tell me about it!

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