Monday, 14 May 2012


Maybe you're incompetent like me when it comes to most things make-up. Maybe you're not. Either way, Lisa Eldridge has tips and tricks for applying flawless, gorgeous make-up that will last you a lifetime.

Lisa is one of the most highly regarded make-up artists in the beauty and fashion industry today, making her signature look ("fresh, flawless skin and an understated modern approach to beauty") a favourite of supermodels, celebrities, and magazine editors alike. 

Lisa's most recent video tutorial is for a natural summer glow.

What's fantastic about Lisa's videos (and her web blog, for that matter) is that she names every product that she uses for a particular look, states the reason why she is using this product as opposed to another product, shares multiple or alternative uses for that product, and even sometimes lists the places where you might be able to find the product, especially if it isn't a commonly known brand or it isn't a product usually found in most drugstores, department stores, or high end cosmetic boutiques. That said, many of the products that Lisa does use--or at least in the video tutorials that I viewed--can be found at any of these outlets. There are only a few British products that us North Americans might not be able to find and/or would have to purchase online. This being the case, Lisa suggests alternative products in place of what she might be using in some of her videos. In this way, she is very flexible and versatile.

And, I haven't even began to describe just how much I love Lisa's looks. Since watching some of Lisa's basic tutorials and videos for everyday looks, I have gained so much confidence in my make-up application and in achieving that flawless skin look that she's so famous for developing. I don't wear a lot of make-up on a regular basis. In fact, I'd rather wear less. But, it's amazing what a few little coverage tricks can do to perfect your facial skin and help to conceal any blemishes or dis-colouration.

So, if you're looking for some guidance in the beauty world (or maybe you just want to see what's got me so chatty and excited!), check out Lisa's video tutorials for make-up application. The woman is brilliant and informative.

I think my work here is done. 

Happy Monday!

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info, video, and image via lisa eldridge make up and youtube

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