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Last minute or not, here are some of my favourite ways to show Mum how much you love her:

1. The Classic, Breakfast in Bed / as a kid, I loved doing breakfast in bed for Mother's Day. Now that I live nearly all the way across the country from my Mum, breakfast in bed becomes a little difficult. Some alternatives? Make a batch of homemade granola (try Grain-ola with Goji Berries & Mango) and ship it home, so that Mum can enjoy a bowl of granola on Mother's Day morning. Not a fan of the breakfast in bed thing at all? Take Mum for brunch or make brunch together at home.

2. Girls' Spa Day at Home / be good to Mum, yourself, and your coin purse. What I like about a spa day at home is that you don't have to go anywhere and it can be a really budget-friendly gift. Pick up supplies for at-home pedicures. All you need is a tub for soaking your feet (I found one for a couple of dollars at my local Dollar Store), a foot scrub if you wish (or just a pumice stone to soften those feet!), a nail file, and nail polish. An alternative to toe separators? Twist toilet paper and fit it in between your toes. And, for facial masks? Check out this site for homemade skin care that uses natural ingredients and sounds good enough to eat!

3. The Hobby Box / this is great for anyone and for any occasion. What's your Mum's favourite hobby? Does she like to garden, sew, craft? For this gift, all you need is a storage box like the ones pictured here and all the basic goodies that will make that hobby box great. If Mum is a gardener, throw in some seeds, some new gardening gloves, a new trowel, and even things like sunscreen and a hat. For the sewer, package sewing remnants like fabrics, pins, needles, scissors, trim, ribbons, anything you can think of--and this doesn't have to cost you a lot, either. Most fabric stores always have sales and discounts. And, for the scrapbooker, there's always Michael's. They'll have everything you need. Want a little less expensive option? Check out your local Dollar Store. They often have cute scrapbooking materials, and for a lot cheaper!

4. Floral Arranging with Mum /  what girl doesn't like flowers? My Mum absolutely loves flowers. She has a huge garden that she loves to tend to during the warmer seasons. But, every now and then, I'm sure she loves to receive a big bouquet of flowers. Show up at Mum's on Mother's Day with a whole bunch of different flowers and have a flower arranging party! I'm big on spending time with loved ones and doing an activity, rather than just buying them a gift. This flower arrangement gift definitely gets my approval.

5. Farmer's Market Experience / does Mum like the farmer's market? Take her for a day of browsing the stalls, grab a coffee, and pick up some things to take home and make a meal together. Again, I think it's important to actually spend time with Mum on Mother's Day. That said, this option isn't always available to those who live far from home. Another option for Mother's Day giving that would involve spending time together but can be done at any time? The Coupon Book. Need I say more?

What are your Mother's Day gift-giving ideas?

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