Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Okay, yesterday was the day.

Friends, I have finally submitted my thesis. Waaah!! 

I didn't want to say anything yesterday in case something went terribly wrong, but it's official. It's submitted and I am...done?

Yep, now the dreaded question: what next? I began this blog just over a year ago to help stay sane throughout the last year of my Masters, and while I have all intention of continuing to write, I'll obviously be making some changes over the next few months. For one, I'll no longer be trying to cut loose from academia. Wha? 

Instead, I'll be working toward other stuff. I have some ideas, but I'll probably keep them a secret until they actually happen. While most people like to tell others what they're up to so that this way they'll be held accountable and have to follow through, I'd rather just be hush hush about whatever it is. You don't need to know what I'm up to until it happens, anyway. Right? Right.

Stay tuned, as I embark on my next journey (which I'm going to figure out...soon).


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