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Gwyneth Paltrow--okay, ever since my friend, Christina, introduced me to Gwyneth's blog, GOOP, I've become a superfan. I don't know what it is, but every time I find out something about a celebrity that's 'normal', so to speak--that's not so 'celebrity'--I get really excited. Really, really excited. 

As an actor myself, I find that a lot of the actors I know are only acting. And while there is nothing wrong with this, it's refreshing to meet actors who have alternative interests. Personally, I have so many other things on my plate besides acting, it's sometimes difficult to balance everything--but we make it work, and that's what I love so much about actors who do have other interests. They're busy, too--trying to make a living and hone their craft--but like Gwyneth for instance, they make time to travel, cook, entertain and be entertained, spend time with their families...the list goes on.

So, as it stands, I'm (a little) Gwyneth-obsessed.

First, I love, love, love her blog. If you aren't familiar with GOOP, go now! It's a lifestyle blog that has everything from travel guides and home organization tips to fitness advice and recipes. One of my favourite recipes that Gwyneth shares is for bibimbap--so delicious.

Second, Gwyneth's first cookbook just hit stores. It's called My Father's Daughter and pays tribute to her father through family and family-inspired recipes. I've already ordered a copy on should do the same.

Third, in addition to cooking and sharing fantastic recipes, the Oscar-winning mama sings!--check her out in Country Strongin which she plays a fallen country star trying to make a comeback. Or take a looksie at the video below to see Gwyneth on Glee (love).

Other celebs I'm a big fan of because they aren't all acting, all the time? James Franco and Natalie Portman. I love both as actors, but I also look up to them a lot insofar as they have both attained degrees of higher-education (while working as actors)--as I'm trying to do right now (I'm sure there are other celebs who have, too, but these are all I've got...).

Natalie went to Harvard for psychology while she was filming Stars Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace. This past February, she won an Oscar for the her role in Black Swan.

James received his MFA from Colombia in 2010 and is currently working on his PhD in English at Yale University. On top of hosting the Oscars this year, he was nominated for an Academy Award for his role in 127 Hours. He's also a film director, producer, screenwriter, author, and painter--code for: he does way too much. 

So, as an actor and a masters student (and cupcake artist / fitness fanatic / entrepreneur / blogger / girlfriend), I often get down on myself for being in school and not focusing on my acting as much as I'd like to be--and of course, not having enough time for everything else. But that's why I love Gwyneth, Natalie, and James. They inspire me to keep pushing forward. They inspire me to do all the things that I want to do. To get an education, to be an artist, to have dreams as a careerwoman.

Don't get me wrong. People in my everyday life inspire me to  push forward and be the best person I can be, too--ahem, my parents, my boyfriend? They're always inspiring me.

It doesn't have to be everything about one person that inspires you. Maybe you're inspired by a particular person's style, their mantra, their talent, their way of life.
Who is currently inspiring you? 

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