Friday, 20 May 2011


I had to use the hunkiest photo I could find. 
 Curtis Stone--if you're not familiar with this hunky chef from the 'land down under', well then, get with it. If you're into food, handsome looking dudes, and handsome looking dudes who cook food, then you'll probably really like Curtis Stone.

I honestly don't know what to say about him. I'm never one to get excited about celebrities (ie. seeing celebrities in real life), but when it comes to a celebrity chef, I get pretty excited. Just last fall, I nearly ran up to a man in a crowded mall because I thought that he was Gordon Ramsey. Yes, Gordon Ramsey. So, you can only imagine my reaction to Curtis Stone--handsome-lovely-with accent Curtis Stone.

Curtis has had a couple of cooking shows, Surfing the Menu and Take Home Chef. In addition, he has been seen on television programs, Celebrity Apprentice and America's Next Great Restaurant. He offers a slew of fabulous (and healthy, sometimes indulgent) recipes and frequents the Today Show with Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford. Oh, and can't forget how when asked about his love for cooking and how he got started, he pays homage to his Granny. Adorable.

What makes me like Curtis Stone even more? Oh, it's not that he has a part-Asian girlfriend (his girlfriend is actress, Lindsay Price) or anything--I'm half-Asian. Connection? Not really, but I can try to live vicariously through Lindsay. Maybe, maybe not.

Doesn't matter, though, because I'd rather be cooking for and sharing meals with my own, R--who, by the way, is also fan of Curtis. And who would probably not want me to tell you that.

Regardless, make sure to check out Curtis's website--there's tons to look at/explore.

Here's to cooking with loved ones. Cheers!

video and image via youtube and google

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