Thursday, 9 June 2011


I lie. It's not a true 'before and after'. There's no 'before' picture. That said, I do have long overdue pictures of my new and improved bathroom. Take a look!

When R and I first moved into our apartment--over a year ago now!--the bathroom was a little drab looking. The walls weren't white--more an off-white. Things were a little rusty, kind of dirty. It was in need of a facelift.

Since we're only renting our apartment, we kept the walls white. We both love colour (including on the walls), but we thought this would minimize the amount of work we'd have to do when we chose to end our lease. So, we painted everything a clean white--to match the white brick. Then, I chose a monochromatic theme for the bathroom's room decor and selected white picture frames (and spray-painted any that weren't white to begin with) and greyscale artwork, with the exception of the one frame I chose to leave empty.

I (roughly) re-painted an old IKEA dresser black and replaced the wood knobs with a variety of knobs purchased from Anthropologie. As for the smaller bits of decor, the various pieces were found at either the local dollar store, Home Sense, or via thrifting.

I know it's difficult to get an idea of the transformation without 'before' photos, but what do you think?

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