Monday, 27 June 2011


"The summer heat is here," is what R replied last night, sitting on our couch post-True Blood premiere. Honestly, I was totally fine, but we don't have air conditioning, so I could understand where he was coming from. Within minutes, R has cranked on the ceiling fan, opened the windows to let in the cool(er) evening air and taken another fan out of storage and set it up in the bedroom.

I guess he is right. Summer is here and with it comes the summer heat. Last week marked the official start of summer, which also means that there will be a change or two around here.

First, you may be seeing a couple fewer blog posts from me per week. With the summer heat comes more time spent outside enjoying it, more time spent adventuring, sitting on patios enjoying an ice cold bevvy, catching up on home projects, trying new recipes, and you know, just laying in a field staring at the sky (oh, and can't forget, investing in some retail therapy).

Second, well, you may be getting a flood of recipe posts in the next little while--that's okay, right? Truth is, I've had tons of my favourite recipes that I've been wanting to share for quite some time, but then just never got around to taking pictures of anything (sometimes it's nicer to just enjoy the cooking process without having to document it, you know?), and let's face it, it's not the same when you use other people's pictures...even if it's similar to what yours might have looked like. But I've caved, and so you'll probably being seeing a lot more recipes in the coming weeks with a lot more photos that aren't mine. 

On a livelier note, it's officially summer! I have one more week of classes, one more month of school work, and then I can raise a glass and relax a little. Ah, me.

Brights are so in this season and I'm definitely in need of some.
Brights + glitter? Yes, please!
Grilled Honey Lime Chicken by The Enchanted Cook--who also just did
a post on fish tacos (my fave).

Nothing better than home-brewed iced tea (plus, you control the sweetness)!
Strawberry shortcake in a jar: I've got mini Mason jars, the perfect cake recipe, cream,
and fresh strawberries...all I need are taste-testers!
How cute is this? A chalkboard cheese board--totally doing this.

Happy (sunny)  Monday, folks!

images via pinterest, the enchanted cook, tiny white daisies and serious eats 

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