Friday, 24 June 2011


Fish tacos a la Wahoo's--it's been six years
since I had my first (and only) experience at
Wahoo's Fish Taco in Santa Monica, California.
But the flavours, the taste, the yum is burned
into my memory like nothing else. Ooh what I would
do for some famous Wahoo's right now (stay
tuned for my very own fish taco recipe!).

Neon nails (drool).

And what the hell, neon pants, too.

The rain--so long as I'm inside or if outside, have
no place to be (and for special moments like this).

Dancing in our underwear--don't act like you
don't love doing this.

And mustn't we forget, the late Paul
Newman--what a


Now, enough of that. I'm off to do some research for my thesis.

Happy weekend, lovelies!

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