Monday, 6 June 2011


If you've been following my fitness log, you'll know that I recently started playing Australian Rules! football (or footy). You'll also know that since starting, I've been getting my butt kicked in a way I never saw coming.

Footy is tough shit.

I run, swim, box, cycle. I've done cross-fit. I've tried muay thai. I'm no stranger to plyometrics training. But even I find this sport to be challenging. And I'm not talking about skill-wise, like throwing the ball properly or booting a solid kick. I mean in terms of fitness (holy moly, does this sport ever get your ticker going). 

The Lady Roos (yes, that's our team name) warming up.

 I'm second from the right, all ape-like.
Teammates, A and T, along with me, reaching for the footy, but losing
in the process. Boo honk.

I've only been to two practices so far, but already I can feel an improvement from the first to second practice. I also played my first game this past Saturday, which was...muddy, to say the least. That said, while it was a wet day on the field, it was a ton of fun.

I think what I like most about footy so far, though, is the team-component. I'm so used to playing sports or staying active independently (you might recall that as a kid I did karate, gymnastics, swimming, figure was the only team sport I ever played), so I'm finding the element of team to be a really fun addition to my usual 'stay active' regimen. And of course, the game is just wicked fun! It's full-contact--which is another first for me--but oh wow is it ever exciting.

Have you tried any new sports lately? What are you doing this summer to keep active and stay fit?

images via ontario australian football league

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