Tuesday, 26 July 2011


This week promises to be a busy one.

I'm enrolled in driving classes for the next four days (yeah, tell me about it). I'm a twenty-something just getting her driver's license and learning how to drive. Isn't this what we do on our sweet sixteen?

Long story short, I never got around to it when I was in high school (I was doing much cooler things--true story, ask me about it sometime), then I moved to the city where transit gave me access to almost everything, and now here I am. So, while I spend my week in a classroom with fresh chickens just bursting with excitement to get out on the road, here's a little (unrelated) something that brought a smile to my face on a recent visit to the blog, A Piece of Toast:

I like the effort to make number 24 stand out. Appropriate.

image via a piece of toast

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