Monday, 25 July 2011


Okay, so I'm not going to start writing all of my posts in French, but I just got back from Montreal on Friday and the other night, R and I went to see Midnight in Paris, so you can understand why I  might be a little smitten with the French--the idea of France, Europe, ya' know?

I was visiting my good friend C in Montreal, Quebec and she's bilingual, so she was able to translate if need be. However, from trying to read signs in French and order food--Je voudrais une poutine grosse = I would like a large poutine (which is all you need to know in Quebec)--I was able to make out a bit of the language. I even did a boxing class all in French, and even if my girlfriend hadn't been there, I think I would've been okay.

I studied French all throughout high school (I also studied German for three years, Spanish for one, and Portuguese for another), but unless you use the language, you lose it. Reason number one why I should make a trip to France.

As wonderful as the language is, though, enough about that. Other reasons why France has swept me off my feet? Well, sadly, a film. I've never been to Europe, let alone France, so my idea of Paris, say, is limited. Yet, if I had to create a collage representative of what I thought Paris was like, a lot of the images in last night's film would have been included. The architecture, the pretty little details of cobblestone  roads and ornate decoration, the fine dining, and yet, the elegant simplicity of the lifestyle.

I used to dream of traveling to Japan or Indonesia, but R would always mention how we should make a trip to Paris. While Japan and Indonesia still top my list, Paris doesn't seem like a such a bad idea after all.

I highly recommend seeing Midnight in Paris. I haven't seen many Woody Allen films, so if you're a fan, maybe you wouldn't consider this one of his finer works--personally, I have no idea, but I thought the film was fantastic. If you are interested in seeing it, definitely see it on the big screen. The images alone are gorgeous to look at. The film is romantic and smart, with a light and fun humour.  

Happy (day dreamin') Monday!

images via pinterest and strikes our fancy

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