Monday, 22 August 2011


Fresh raspberries from Mum and Dad's garden.
One of my best teachers: my Mum, 'the sewing machine'.
Old friends.
Outdoor dinner parties with loved ones.
And a promise between two friends for one hell of an adventure.

Where to begin?! The past couple weeks were full of special moments. I flew back to B.C. for ten days, and while the time usually crawls when I head back west, this time everything just seemed to fly by. 

I caught up with family and old friends, enjoyed the outdoors (as did the outdoors enjoy me--mosquitoes, anyone?), and squeezed in some much needed R&R.

I returned to the city (and to R and Zoey) this past Friday and by noon Saturday, was (re)packed for a weekend of wedding fun in Niagara Falls.

So, while I still collect myself--from all the excitement!--here's a list of some 'likes' and 'dislikes' of my time (well-) spent back home:

Because it's all about the little things, and appreciating what you already have.

That my parents' house is surrounded by woodlands, making for a refreshing afternoon run.

My mom's massive collection of craft and sewing materials (she's a hoarder).

A (very) well-stocked refrigerator. And second refrigeratore in the basement. And two huge deep freezer chests.

My bright orange childhood bedroom.

The small town charm.

That running in the woods freaked the hell out of me, with quail scurrying about, woodpeckers pecking, snakes slithering, and ducks gone quacky--I was keeping my eyes out for bears, so you can imagine my shock when I came across all of these critters, not to mention my growing fear of birds (have you ever watched Hitchcock's The Birds?).

The fact that I can only squeeze so much craft and sewing materials into my backpack to bring back with me.

That when I leave, not only am I leaving my family and friends, but a house full of food.

How bright my bedroom is in the morning. Agh.

The small town mentality. And that the small town charm doesn't work so well in the big city--I tried this afternoon and was nearly abducted or just stalked, or both?

Lots of bits and pieces to share this week and the next, so stay tuned!

images via google, healthy livin', and tumblr perfect pics

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