Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Every time I head home for a summer vacation or the Christmas holiday, I scoop up some kind of inspiration. It's as if being back west--out of the city and into the country--enables me to recharge, to re-evaluate my life, to reconsider all things outside of myself. It's as if stepping away from the hustle and bustle of my so-called 'reality' let's me escape myself--for just a moment--and to sketch a new plan of action. That is, how I should proceed in this world that is chaos. And when I'm stressed out and let's face it, having a down right not-so-mid-life crisis because I'm still not totally sure what I'm going to be when I grow up, stepping away from it all and taking a breather is really, really...refreshing.

One of the greatest inspirations in my life? My Mum. She's super talented, always motivating, and if I could ever be half the woman she is, I could happily say I lived a fulfilling life. She's worked, she's raised four kids, she knows her way around a kitchen, a garden, a drafting table, a sewing machine, the list goes on...

And this trip home, she inspired me in a number of ways: yes, with the sewing machine. And in the kitchen, the garden, uh huh. And so, I dedicate the next few posts to the lady of the hour, my dear Mum.

The first bit of inspiration that's set my heart fluttering? Sewing. The sewing machine. My mom is a sewing machine.

Three different sizes: large in neon yellow linen, medium-sized in leopard
print denim, and small in white leather--all lined for extra security.
Last spring, she shipped me an old sewing machine of hers (actually, her very first sewing machine ever), and I've been itching to use it. My lack of comfort with sewing has kept me from unpacking the clunky machine, but while I was home she did supervise me as I sewed a number of oversized clutches (yes, I finally made them!) and assisted me in finding the right colour threads so that I can sew cushions for the living room with my Spoonflower finds. So?

So, I'm making sewing cushions as we speak! Well, kind of. Almost there. You know. But what's better, she's given me the confidence to maneuver a sewing machine and more, more! She's inspired me to grab some pretty textiles, cut it accordingly, throw in some bells and whistles (figuratively, of course), and go wild.

What's inspiring you? It (or he/she) could be closer than you think.

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