Monday, 31 October 2011


Happy Halloween! R and I celebrated the holiday with a costume party on Saturday night. It was a great time had by all! The bar was flowing, the food was a hit (particularly my mummy cupcakes and this), and friends old and new were showing off their costumes to one another, which by the way, were all awesome.

Now for actual Halloween, it will (hopefully) be a quiet night in for R and I. I'm not sure how many trick or treaters we're going to get, so perhaps we'll take an evening stroll to check out all of the kiddies in their costumes (I realize this sounds sort of creepy). Otherwise, I'm thinking we'll do some fall baking, maybe pumpkin muffins or the pumpkin mousse pictured above?

What will you be doing to celebrate Halloween?

images via hungry rabbit nyc, pinterest, and a piece of toast

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