Wednesday, 12 October 2011


I'm always a little wary about changing things like layout and graphics on a blog, mostly because it takes some time to adjust to any changes but also because I'm nervous about what others will think (when, yes, I know, I shouldn't be so worried about others--how not courageous of me). But I did it.

I felt that Tomfoolery & Bright was overdue for a little sprucing up. While I love the yellow graphic formerly found as the site's heading (yellow's such a happy colour, after all, and what's not bright about that?), I wanted to transition to something that suited the change in season, yet still remained true to T&B. What I mean is, nothing that was too trendy like autumn leaves, spiced lattes, and pumpkins (although, that does sound nice), but something that boast warmth and festive all in one. 

I chose the image above as the site's new header, because (1) it stays in synch with the light, fun, bright, and quirky image that is T&B, (2) it's simple, which is a must, and (3) the pinks/peaches/creams/and metallics are both warm and festive, yet fun and (I'm saying it...) pretty! 

So until I can brush up on my html skills and design something myself, this is all I've got. With time, I hope to update the layout itself, but for now, I think this works just fine.

Eee...what do you think?

images via pinterest

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