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Why one would feel blue on the weekend is beyond me, but I do hear of someone every now and then who isn't enjoying the weekend because of the long list of to do's that drag them from Friday to Sunday night and well into Monday morning. And no, I'm not talking about me and my endless list of readings for school, or notes to write, or papers to research. I'm talking about you and your list of drab to do's like scrubbing toilets, dusting fireplaces, and vacuuming rugs. That's not to say that I don't do these things (yes, I wash the toilet regularly--you're gross if you don't), but that I certainly don't wait until the weekend to do them. C'mon, really? Why not maximize your weekend for (perhaps) fun and (maybe) productive activities, things you enjoy, time with your friends and family? Yeah, that's what I'm thinkin', too.

Before I get into how to maximize your time on the weekend to do things you want to do, let me just say that while I do pride myself on exempting household chores from Friday night to Sunday evening, I do, of course, find myself sitting at my desk tending to research proposals and discussion notes for school. So, just while I confess to you, no, my weekends aren't filled with rainbows and marshmallow bunnies, but they definitely aren't spent schlubbing (yes, it's totally a word) around the house, picking up cat hair and dirty laundry (that's every day). I may be a studious monkey on the weekends, but the best part is, the house is always ready for unexpected company and I'm (almost) always on top of my game. And here's why:

How to maximize your weekend (and make the most of the week)

1. Officiate Thursday 'Cleaning Day' - there's no need to ruin your Saturday cleaning the house/your apartment/your room from top to bottom. Make Thursday evening your official cleaning day and leave your Saturday free for your favourite yoga class, a road trip, or just sleepin' in! Okay, I understand, some of us (most of us?) have jobs of which we don't get home until 7pm and then have to make dinner and then prepare for the next day's work, so taking into consideration your own schedule, adjust accordingly. But the point is that by completing all of your household chores on Thursday evening, the house is all ready to go for entertaining friends on Friday night.

2. Don't Press 'SNOOZE' - because it's the weekend, you want to sleep in. If you've had a less than restful week, fine. But if you've gotten adequate rest throughout the week (I don't know who this applies to, no one? maybe?), rise and shine at your usual wake-up time on Saturday and get the day started. I read a study--which I can no longer cite--that suggested that by not sleeping in on the weekend and maintaining your regular sleeping schedule, it would make waking up for work on Mondays much easier. Makes sense?

3. Start your day with a sweat - get the endorphins flowing and wake up Saturday morning to your running shoes! Go for a jog or take a brisk walk. Try a hot yoga class, one of my favourites. Or better yet, take a spin or boxing class! By exercising first thing in the morning and getting your body moving, you'll get your blood pumping and your brain working. What better way to stay focused for your amazing weekend ahead?

4. Plan for next week and set goals - as an avid maker of lists, this is one of my favourites. I used to have a notebook dedicated to my weekly plans and goals, now I use cue cards. So, what kind of goals are we setting here? Well, I like to determine my areas of most to least importance. The mother in me (that sounds weird...) deems health the number one important thing, so I write my 'health' goals for the week, including diet, fitness, mental, and a category I call 'maintenance' (which right now is for me to drink more water). From there, I make specific goals, though. For instance, I write how much water I'd like to consume. And even better is if you can determine how you will reach your goals. For the example to drink more water, I'd write, "Drink a glass of water before every meal, and ___L during workout". Something along those lines. Finally, when setting goals, be realistic. This list of weekly goals--of which also includes academics, social, career, and an 'other' section--is meant to be obtainable within the week. They're short term goals, so plan according to the seven days ahead and how you're feeling that week.

5. Make a date for Monday morning/Stop dreading Monday - yeah, you're probably thinking this sounds crazy. But whenever I've had an appointment on a Monday morning--particularly for coffee, with a friend--it's always made the day that much better. It's amazing what a one-hour visit with a good friend can do, especially when you're dreading the week ahead, full of lectures, meetings, appointments, etc etc. So, start the week off right. Believe me. When you're munching on a pumpkin scone from Starbucks laughing about that one night at that place with those people that you and your best gals barely remember, you'll wish you had tried it sooner.

What other ways can you maximize your weekend and alleviate stress from your week?

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