Monday, 24 October 2011


I had every intention of giving a weekend salute last Friday--especially since I missed giving one the week previous (as well). But clearly life got the best of me and instead of letting y'all know I was going to be away and busy, wandering down Fifth Avenue, shopping in SoHo, and stuffing my face with cupcakes from here, I just picked up and left.  

R and I flew down to NYC last Thursday for our annual (mini) fall vacation. We got back late last night and we're exhausted. Our trip was filled with lots of exciting activities, delicious food, and fantastic company, and was a non-stop engagement! So, please bear with me as I collect myself over the next day or so--since our plane touched down last night, I'm running on one massive energy drink (which officially wore off after about six hours...must do readings for class), four hours of sleep, and a chunk of cheese.

Interested in heading to NYC and never been? I'll be posting some photos from our trip and doing a review of some of the things we did/saw/ate, so stay tuned later in the week for that.

Until then.

image via national geographic

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