Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Yes, one day I'll be one of those women with a room dedicated to all things do-it-yourself. Arts and crafts room, anyone?

In the meantime, here's a little bit of inspiration:

Inspired & Organized I love this variation on the usual inspiration board:
string with clothes pins for all your favourite bits and pieces; and what a
great way to organize cardstrock--with labelled boxes full of rubber stamps,
pens, markers, glitter, and other odds and ends, I see a card-making station!

Easy Storage for Small Spaces Even in the tightest of spaces a girl can
have an arts and crafts room: use old jars to store craft materials and
hang metal rods on the wall (see Ikea) to help clear clutter from your

Fun & Multi-Purpose Keep it real (for you and any little ones who might
want to dabble in some artwork) with storage that's easily accessible for
all ages--or at least the things you want them to be able to access; line
a wall with pegboard for maximum storage.

(Sigh, one day...)

images via we heart it, good housekeeping, and houzz

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