Thursday, 9 February 2012


Snacks. What do you like to nibble on when you've got a grumbly in your tumbly? Okay, if snacking is more of an issue for you (maybe you snack too much, especially on top of your regular meals), then don't listen to what I'm about to say. I think snacking is important. True, not every body is built the same and some will require small snacks in between meals, while others may not. But, it has been advised for several years now that having a small, nutritious snack in between meals can help with weight loss. It's good for maintaining a healthy blood sugar level and warding off overeating at your next meal. For me, it's just a given. When I'm on a regular schedule, exercising regularly and getting adequate rest, my body wants to also eat on a regular schedule. I suppose because I'm burning more calories (with physical activity in addition to everyday tasks) and my metabolism is increased, I also want to eat more. Well, okay, not necessarily more food. But more frequently, for sure.

In addition to planning my meals every week (try it: every Sunday, sit down and map out your meals for the week--you'll save money and if you're buying nutritious foods, maybe see a difference in your health), I also plan my snacks as much as I can. When R and I buy groceries, I make sure there's nutritious foods on hand that we'll be able to snack on during the week, and here are my favourites:

cheese and fruit
fruit, yogurt, and honey parfait
steamed soy milk
banana or apple and raw almonds or pistachios
Ryvita with cheese or peanut/almond butter
fruit smoothie with yogurt/milk

I also enjoy (okay, love) air-popped popcorn with a bit of coconut oil and salt, and kale chips. 

What are your favourite snacks to keep you energized throughout the day?

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