Tuesday, 3 July 2012


I fell off the bloggin' bandwagon, but I'm back by popular demand (or something like that). So, why the lack of posts? To be honest, after I finished school, I really lost sense of what I should be doing with my time and with that came a lack of inspiration for posts. That said, I've been busy for the past month working (or trying to), training with my acting coaches, and catching up with old and new friends.

And just like that, June came and went. 

So, while I'm still figuring out my career path post-graduation (which I'm learning is quite the process), here's a brief re-cap of what's happened over the past several weeks:

1 / my pal G and I attended TUM's June 9th soirée (and while a little late, I will definitely be doing a follow-up post on this delicious event!). 

2 / I fell in love with a cat named Maru, thanks to a friend who knows my undying love for cat videos. 

3 / I graduated from York University (again), this time with a Master's in Communication & Culture. And my parents came to visit! 

4 / I stubbed my pinky finger (like bad, real bad) playing footy. Here and now, I vow to plaster my hands with tape while playing footy. 

5/ Oh, and I cut off all my hair (see before and after pics). What do you think?

Stay tuned for new recipes and easy DIY projects!

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