Monday, 17 October 2011


I'm on-set for the first few days of this week for a guest spot so I'm a little busier than usual, but don't worry friends--I haven't forgotten you.

According to the weather forecast, the temperatures are dropping back down again this week (for the week leading up to Canadian Thanksgiving, temperatures were well in the 20s--it felt like summer!). It also looks like we might get a few rainy days. Sigh, I guess it's officially time to whip out the wellies and bundle up with cozy knits, for fall seems to finally be on its way. Gee golly.

Here are some of my must-haves for this cool fall season (and into winter):

Knit slouchy hats add warmth and style. Check out Etsy
for handmade knits. 

A chunky knit circle scarf goes well with any outfit, fall or winter.
(Sigh) I must learn how to knit.
The cooling temperature is no excuse for chap lips--my absolute
fave? Smith's Rosebud Salve.

A fur collar adds luxury to an otherwise simple jacket--I like to
add mine to the lapel of a wool jacket.

Knit legwarmers! I tend not to like the cold, but one reason
to love fall and winter is that I get to wear these babies!

Suede ankle booties a la Isabel Marant. Although, I'd rather
not spend $700 on these--but you get the idea.

images via etsy, glamor puss cosmetics, laylock, pinterest, and a-s-y-ll-u-m 

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